Diamond Manufacturing

Diamant Impex purchases rough diamonds from mining companies including De Beers, other diamond producers and the secondary market in Antwerp, Belgium, the world's largest rough diamond trading centre.
At its office in Antwerp, Diamant Impex assorts rough diamonds before shipping them to specialist factories
‚Äčin the Far East.

All Diamant Impex rough diamonds are ethically sourced. We abide by all the practices and guidelines outlined by the Kimberley Process and the World Diamond Council.

Diamant Impex is a scale manufacturer of "Chinese cut" polished diamonds in smaller sizes (0.3ct and down). Manufacturing takes place at specialist factories in China and Hong Kong which have a heritage in producing exceptionally well-cut diamonds. Their skilled workforces, use of technology and quality control measures ensure our diamonds meeting exacting and uncomprimising standards of make.

Customers can specify cut-parameters if they have specific requirements for their polished needs and Diamant Impex can manufacture according to these specifications.

Rough Sourcing