Polished Services


Diamant Impex can offer a range of diamonds, but is known for its specialisation in top-make polished in sizes of 0.30 carats and down. We adopt an uncompromising approach to the quality of our diamond makes in order to deliver products suitable for luxury jewellery pieces.

We offer a wide selection of <0.30 carat diamonds and can also manufacture diamonds to order. Customers may purchase both on an ad hoc basis or we can create tailor-made programmes for customers with specific product needs and delivery schedules.

Diamant Impex distributes large volumes of top makes to a customer network in Europe, USA and Asia. We have long-standing business relationships with many customers, testament to our ability to understand and deliver against customer needs.

We also offer a range of services, including:

  • Creation of tailored assortments - our team of experts can assort polished diamonds to customer-specified parameters from colour-clarity-size through to mm measurements and other cut parameters.

  • Bespoke supply programmes - customers can define products, volumes and delivery schedules for polished supply programmes.

  • Bagging and counting - polished diamond bagging services are available. We work with customers to understand their needs to ensure that we meet their requirements.

  • Consignment viewings - we provide diamonds consignment to selected customers for viewings, if they are unable to view them at our office.